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Alexandra Ulsh

610 days ago
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Alexandra U
  • Natural Disaster Preparedness
  • Idea generation for kinds of apps or dashboards that can be used to help communities prepare for tornados, floods, and other natural disasters (how can we use APIs? where are the resources? how can we pitch the idea to local governments/first responders?)
592 days ago
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Alexandra U Github Guide
The easiest way to collaborate on projects at a hackathon is to use Github, possibly with Cloud9 IDE. You can use Github with or without Cloud9.
What's Github?
Github allows you to store your code online at Github.com. You use a program called git to store changes to your project online and collaborate with others. If you an
What's Cloud9?
Cloud9 is a website that allows teams to edit code "Google Docs" style in a shared workspace. It allows you to quickly and easily set up shared WordPress sites, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, HTML/CSS/JS websites - all kinds of projects!
Git is already installed on Cloud9 - no 
Who can I ask for help?
If you have any questions about which application does what, feel free to ping alulsh on the Slack channel! Or ask any other WWCDC mentor. You can also view the Intro to Git and Github Pages Guide for more information.
Getting Started with GIthub + Cloud9
  1. Sign up for a Github account on https://github.com/ - make sure to confirm your emai address for your account
  1. Sign up for a Cloud9 account using your Github account
  1. Create a new Cloud9 workspace for your project - you can use a blank template or use an existing one
  1. Invite your team members to the workspace
  1. Work on the project together - Google Docs style!
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Lauren J Women Who Code DC - Hack2016 Home
Everything you need to have a great time at the hackathon!
Lauren J This event is a two-day hackathon for women of all levels of coding ability. Have a project idea in mind but need collaborators? Want to learn a new skill or commit your first line of code? This is the place for you, all levels are welcome! 
This event has no particular theme in order foster the creation of creative projects.
  • Where is the Hackathon?
  • Day One:  Hacking Day
  • Social Tables 
  • 1325 G Street NW
  • Floor 3
  • Washington, DC 20005
  • 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Day Two: Presentation Day 
  • General Assembly
  • 1133 15th Street NW
  • 8th floor 
  • Washington, DC 20036
  • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM 
  • Communication
Follow this link to join the Women Who Code Slack community (If you are not already a member). Slack is our primary method of communication. bit.ly/womenwhocodedcslack 
Once you join Slack, Join the hack-2016 channel to join in the conversation during the event! 
  • Questions?
  • 1. What should I expect?
  • A day of fun for coders and technologists of all levels and a safe space to learn!
  • Here are some great articles about hackathons:
  • 2. What should I bring?
  • A computer, charger, and all your ideas! We will be providing breakfast and lunch but if you would like other snacks, please bring them.
  • 3. How do I join a project team? 
  • We will have areas for project teams to spread out and collaborate on the day of the event. Interested in a particular project and want to get in contact with the team? Check out the project list for more information.
  • 4. I have other questions that aren't answered here!
  • Message Lauren Jacobson, the Hackathon Director on twitter @lauren_CJay or via email lcj1188@gmail.com 

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