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Jessica Bell

594 days ago
  • Visit our project's hackpad page for more details and wireframes!
  • Guided Tech for Justice-
  • Need: Think about the layout for codeacademy or treehouse, where they have a split screen that gives you directions on what to do, and then provides you the opportunity to to try it out yourself on the left hand side of the screen. I want to replicate that web tool by Creating a educational site for filling out legal forms  (government benefit forms/court motions) for those with low literacy. I can make the video content, create the videos etc. Looking for teammates to build the split screen layout. Additionally, looking for someone with back-end database knowledge so that the web tool can combine user inputs at the end of the process. 
  • Project Lead: Brianek (brianecknight@gmail.com; bchanellek)
  • Skills/Language: Front end help to craft split screen and ability to display different tutorials as steps (Page 1=step 1, etc). Any. Ruby is great; php is great. 
  • My skills: Prototyping; design, UX, legal, youtube and wistia product and/or creation
  • Hi Briane. My name is Carolyn Hipkins. I'd like to work on this project with you. My skills: design, wireframing, content development, legal, some HTML and CSS. Thanks. Great!
Briane K
  • Do you want this to be mobile friendly?  No necessarily. There are 2 use cases; but the first use case is best for desktop: 1) Imagine the person sitting down either at the library or home to complete a document that might be more than a page. It would be frustrating to type in more than 3 paragraphs via the mobile phone. The second use case:  2) imagine a person filling out a brief legal or government related document that only has a few questions (1-20) questions that accept brief answers. This could be done via the mobile phone. 
Project Ideas! (Anything and Everything) 
  • Note: these Ideas are up for adoption
  • Project Lead: Jessica Bell (twitter: sirjessthebrave, email: jess.bell317@gmail.com)
  • Languages/Frameworks: WordPress, HTML, SCSS, JavaScript
  • Mission Statement: Publicus is an open platform for researchers to instantly share and collectively review new work. With Publicus, research will be reviewed by a community of peers and evaluated based on its own merits, not its affiliations.
  • Team: Rosita Calderon
  • Full disclosure! This is a startup my friend Scott Hofmeister and I have been working on together. He plans to make it into a full company.  He is looking for WordPress/Front End freelancers, Co-Founder & CTO positions currently.

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