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Zuri Hunter

593 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Lexi , Zuri Hunter 593 days ago
  • Project Leads: Lexi_S1A. Please feel free to DM me, or write your questions or interests at the Emergency Management Project link above.
  • Idea generation for kinds of apps or dashboards that can be used to help communities prepare for tornados, floods, and other natural disasters (how can we use APIs? where are the resources? how can we pitch the idea to local governments/first responders?)
  • Skills needed: anyone interested in emergency preparedness, all programing languages welcome, front-end developers who can help us display our ideas.
  • Update (04/29). I've tested some R packages for accessing the Twitter API, cleaning text, and plotting wordclouds. If anyone is interesed in learning this process let me know. It was pretty easy, and fun to generate the word clouds.
  • Do you want this to be mobile friendly?  No not necessarily. There are 2 use cases; but the first use case is best for desktop: 1) Imagine the person sitting down either at the library or home to complete a document that might be more than a page. It would be frustrating to type in more than 3 paragraphs via the mobile phone. The second use case:  2) imagine a person filling out a brief legal or government related document that only has a few questions (1-20) questions that accept brief answers. This could be done via the mobile phone.
Zuri H
  • thatStyle
  • Project Lead: Zuri Hunter (Twitter: @zurihunter Email: zurihunter@gmail.com)
  • Language & Skills Needed: HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, AWS(S3)
  • Description: Change the way how we connect hairstyles with stylists! We want to make it easy for individuals to find a hairstyle that they come across on Instagram or any Image sharing platform and find a stylist who can create that style for them.  This allows for professional stylist, both independent and shop-own to exhibit their portfolio and skills to potential clients. 
  • My Portion:  I will will be working on getting the basis of establishing the skeleton of the project in Ruby on Rails and connecting it to Amazon Web Services.  Currently my skills are in Ruby on Rails, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Angular JS

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