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Srija Kumar

592 days ago
  • Guided Tech for Justice-
  • Java, JavaScript 
Srija K
  • Hey Radha De - Where are you working on the smart magic 8 ball?
Ijeoma E
  • Voice Authentcaton App/Patients App
  • Description: I came across these two ideas on devpost to practice more use of api's I want to build an app that utilizes a voice authntication api, and offers medication information for patients reciving treatment.
  • Languages: Java, Android, APIs
  • Experience: None needed we'll figure it out as we go
Johanna K
  • Control Cases
  • A phone case that allows women to store their birth control in their phone in order to increase effectiveness
  • this phone case is connected to an app on the smart phone
  • this app tracks analytics such as how often the user remembered or have forgotten to take her birth control
  • this app will also allow women to track their period, ovulation, refill prescription alerts, etc.
  • this will also be able to expand to other daily medication users (ex: mental health, cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.)
  • (I am not a coder, I am a founder. I am looking for a co-founder who is a coder who would like to join)
  • www.controlcases.com

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