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Lauren Jacobson

607 days ago
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Briane K
  • Tech to address the justice gap. Creating a Step by Step site for filling out legal forms  (government benefit forms/court motions) for those with low literacy. 
  • Project Leads: Brianek (brianecknight@gmail.com; bchanellek)
  • Many DC residents interact with the legal system; a common error they make, is filling out forms wrong. When this happens, the form is rejected and the individual may be penalized or have their day in court delayed. This project targets regular DC residents who have to fill out a court document by themselves when there is no affordable lawyer able to help them. The specific use case we will build is, we know that those who have committed crimes in DC long ago, and want to  seal their criminal record, must fill out a long court document. I want to create a video tutorial website/tool that 1) provides video instruction of how to fill out each part of the form. After the short video finishes, they will be asked if they understand what they ned to do, if they select yes, they will be provided with a text input form to fill out that part of the form. At the end of the tutorial, they should be able to review the document they have created, and print/save it. (so basically the site will also help with document assembly). If we have time, we will also create a login-authentication page that allows someone to save and come back to their form. 
  • Language required: Any. Ruby is great; php is great. 
  • Open Source tools we will use:  1. Docassemble: a free, open-source expert system for guided interviews and document assembly, based on Python, YAML, and Markdown.  Docassemble is a mobile-friendly web app that conducts guided interviews and assembles legal documents.  It is an advanced, open-source alternative to A2J and HotDocs.  Authors write interviews and documents in YAML files, expressing legal logic with simple Python statements and formatting with Markdown.  Linguistic functions allow questions to be specified in generally-applicable ways.  Interview flow is automatic; authors do not need to design a flowchart.  Interviews can be multi-user for applications such as negotiation or attorney-assisted self-help.  Advanced users can write their own Python classes and methods.  Python code can be embedded into templates of documents and questions.  Other built-in features include: touchscreen signatures, a login system with Google and Facebook authentication, document upload, text-to-speech, and Google Maps.  It is a good platform for a legal expert system that needs a mobile-friendly interface. More information: http://docassemble.org, @docassemble
  • My skills: Prototyping; design, UX, legal. 
600 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Lauren Jacobson 600 days ago
Code of Conduct
Lauren J (Adapted from the creators of the 2014 Lean Startup Conference) 
The leadership of Women Who Code DC hope to create an environment of acceptance and understanding during all sessions organized by Women Who Code DC. Therefore, we are implementing the following code of conduct during the hackathon.
The creators of the WWC 2016 Hackathon do not tolerate harassment based on race, gender, religion, age, color, national origin, physical appearance, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity." This is included but not limited to speech that intimidates or creates discomfort, interference with a person's participation in hackathon, unwelcome physical contact, or deliberate intimidation. WWC reserves the right to dismiss anyone from the hackathon who exhibits such behavior. 

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