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Tammy Barbee

594 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Katherine McClintic , Sophia Liu , Tammy Barbee 594 days ago
  • Project Lead: Pam (twitter: pamtaro, email: pamelavong@gmail.com)
  • Teaching Tool
  • Idea generation for kinds of apps or dashboards that can be used to help communities prepare for tornados, floods, and other natural disasters (how can we use APIs? where are the resources? how can we pitch the idea to local governments/first responders?)
Sophia L
  • Project Leads: Sophia B Liu (Twitter: sophiabliu, Email: sophialiu@usgs.gov)
  • The U.S. Geological Survey would like your help with generating infographics, interactive visualizations, and a game related to critical minerals and rare earth elements (REE).
  • Create an infographic of the minerals used in mobile devices
  • Finish designing this Rare Earth Element REE Game with source code on Github
  • Create interactive visualizations of the historical mineral & material commodities data extracted from these scripts in an iPython notebook posted at on GitHub at cdiesip-skunkworks/CriticalMinerals
  • Skills/Languages: Python, JavaScript, Tableau, graphic design skills
  • Tech to address the justice gap. Creating a Step by Step site for filling out legal forms  (government benefit forms/court motions) for those with low literacy. 
  • Intro Data Science Friendly Project : Anastasia Kaiser
  • Possible ideas: Figure out how many of 538's Riddler probability puzzlers we can solve by coding or work on a Kaggle competition together
  • Languages: R, Python, or whatever people prefer
  • Goal: give an opportunity for people interested in data science of all levels to get together, meet, and work on a project (I'm pretty new to hackathons and know this doesn't fit the traditional definition of creating an app, but wanted to see something data science focused + something friendly to beginners.) 
  • Ideas: use dataset from Kaggle or Driven Data to analyze the data and create a model.  Would prefer to use python.
  • Idea : An app to find people who read the same kind of books, or love the same author and meet. 
  • PS: Any feedback, suggestion or critic is welcome! Please do not hesitate!  
  • Teacher Share
  • I'm going to be a floating mentor at the event, but if anyone has ideas or wants to take this on, let me know :smile: 
  • probably a mostly front end project
  • app finds best/cheapest/closest happy hour
  • track your car maintenance and mechanic receipts to know when things have been done or need to be done next
  • crowdfund birthday presents
Tammy B
  • Shopping Checkout Cart Project: Violet Cullors, Maya K, and Tammy Barbee
  • An app that will allow user to type in the items and the purchase amount 
  • Create a design of the shopping checkout cart
  • Goal: User will see a print out the items listed and the total cost which will include the shipping cost for domestic and international. This amount will be in the money format
  • Languages: Python 

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