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Lexi Update 5/5/16 - Hi everyone! I made the reference to the NGO we used as a case study a little more anonymous so we don't impact any relationships they  have with their sponsors. If anyone have any questions just reach  out to me!
April 2016:
If you are interested in helping first responders, volunteers and communities before, during or after a man-made or natural disaster...come join us!
Notes (NGO): 
  • e.g.  paint donation
  • Capture volunteers in your  city
  • Medium term: Manager at City Emergency Management needs real-time resource visualization (using in place analytics via salesforce) to show what is on hand and identify resource gaps before and during an emergency. Then she can use this information to find out what she needs before a disaster (to figure out who to target for outreach), and decide how to deploy resources during a disaster.
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  • Project Lead: Sophia B Liu (Twitter: sophiabliu, Email: sophialiu@usgs.gov)
  • Skills/Languages: Python, JavaScript, Tableau, graphic design skills
  • crowdfund birthday presents
  • Hey Radha De - Where are you working on the smart magic 8 ball? -- we're in the back of the main room in the curvy table. I had to step out for a bit, but Lyndsey, Christine, and Anissa are still around! 
  • Voice Authentcaton App/Patients App
  • Description: I came across these two ideas on devpost to practice more use of api's I want to build an app that utilizes a voice authntication api, and offers medication information for patients reciving treatment.
  • Languages: Java, Android, APIs
  • Experience: None needed we'll figure it out as we go
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Alexandra U Github Guide
The easiest way to collaborate on projects at a hackathon is to use Github, possibly with Cloud9 IDE. You can use Github with or without Cloud9.
What's Github?
Github allows you to store your code online at Github.com. You use a program called git to store changes to your project online and collaborate with others. If you an
What's Cloud9?
Cloud9 is a website that allows teams to edit code "Google Docs" style in a shared workspace. It allows you to quickly and easily set up shared WordPress sites, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, HTML/CSS/JS websites - all kinds of projects!
Git is already installed on Cloud9 - no 
Who can I ask for help?
If you have any questions about which application does what, feel free to ping alulsh on the Slack channel! Or ask any other WWCDC mentor. You can also view the Intro to Git and Github Pages Guide for more information.
Getting Started with GIthub + Cloud9
  1. Sign up for a Github account on https://github.com/ - make sure to confirm your emai address for your account
  1. Sign up for a Cloud9 account using your Github account
  1. Create a new Cloud9 workspace for your project - you can use a blank template or use an existing one
  1. Invite your team members to the workspace
  1. Work on the project together - Google Docs style!
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Code of Conduct
Lauren J (Adapted from the creators of the 2014 Lean Startup Conference) 
The leadership of Women Who Code DC hope to create an environment of acceptance and understanding during all sessions organized by Women Who Code DC. Therefore, we are implementing the following code of conduct during the hackathon.
The creators of the WWC 2016 Hackathon do not tolerate harassment based on race, gender, religion, age, color, national origin, physical appearance, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity." This is included but not limited to speech that intimidates or creates discomfort, interference with a person's participation in hackathon, unwelcome physical contact, or deliberate intimidation. WWC reserves the right to dismiss anyone from the hackathon who exhibits such behavior. 
Members (37)
Joy Whitt Elizaveta Kishchukova Jessica Bell mercy g Johanna King melissa miller Jessica Dembe Megan Ryle Radha De Nina Medvedeva Mahati Meeru Nilaya Whitney Purdum Srija Kumar Elizabeth Nguyen Kelechi Mezu Ijeoma Ezeonyebuchi Zuri Hunter Rosita Calderon Tammy Barbee dpolis@usgs.gov

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